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Tactics - Piecing Them All Together


If you’ve followed my articles before you’ll have heard me talk about how important it is, that you understand how the roles, duties, team instructions and player instructions all work as a system and come together to give you the end product. When I talk about this I always get comments asking how someone does that or what do I really mean when I say that. So hopefully this article will show you how my tactic all links together and how everything links up.

A lot of tactics I see, seem to focus on individuals more than playing as a cohesive unit. If the team is full of players playing for themselves rather than the team, then you can struggle to get any form of consistency going because you rely on the individual more than the team. I’m not saying that having a team full of individuals playing for themselves rather than the team can’t work but it’s highly unlikely. You might have patchy form or struggle in certain scenarios as you are reliant on the individual doing that one bit of magic that is needed.

So how do we piece it all together?

Please Help.


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